Tv-card for freebsd

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Sat Jul 24 16:50:47 UTC 2010

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>On 7/14/10, Bernt Hansson <bernt at> wrote:
>> Hello list!
>> I'm in the process of buying a tv-card for dvb-t transmissions.
>> Any tips on cards that have a driver for freebsd?
>> Thank you.
>For a built-in tuner card itself, no recommendations.
>For an alternative solution, look at for the HDHomeRun
>boxes.  I've had one for a long time and it is a beautiful device.
>Simply stated, a dual (or more) digital tuner to ethernet bridge.

Another option may be an usb tuner with webcamd on FreeBSD 8.1;
webcamd is a pretty cool hack by the author of FreeBSD 8's new
usb stack that essentially runs Linux usb v4l/dvb/atsc drivers on
FreeBSD in userspace and is now in ports:

I've put together some (hopefully) useful info here:

and there I'm also maintaining experimental ports for vdr which
most Linux users I know prefer over mythtv which is already
committed to ports.  But `simpler' apps like mplayer, kaffeine,
vlc, etc can of course also be used if you build the respective
ports with the V4L knobs enabled in their `make config'.  (and
DVBPSI too in case of vlc.)


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