ports INDEX file

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com
Fri Jul 23 03:54:48 UTC 2010

Benjamin Lee wrote:
> On 07/22/2010 06:20 PM, Fbsd8 wrote:
>> I have a pristine install  of 8.0.
>> There is no /usr/ports directory yet.
>> I am trying to use the "portcheckout" port and the "porteasy" port to
>> just populate the ports tree with only the ports I use.
>> Problem is in both cases the above ports require an existing INDEX file
>> to process and since I have none they don't work.
>> How can I just download the ports INDEX file?
>> Portsnap is not a solution.
> Well, The INDEX file is a component of the ports tree distribution.  If
> you choose not to use the supported method of installing it (i.e.
> installing the ports tree), you'll have to create your own.
> Hint: Per ports(7), take a look at the definition of the 'fetchindex'
> target.
I see in the source of porteasy that its fetching 

How can I verify this?

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