Emacs splash screen went to textmode only

Markus Hoenicka markus.hoenicka at mhoenicka.de
Wed Jul 21 20:25:17 UTC 2010

Quoting Ashish SHUKLA <ashish at FreeBSD.org>:

> Well I use a tiling WM (Xmonad), and to reproduce your issue, I started 12
> instances of 'xterm' and then started an Emacs instance with '-q
> -no-site-file' which caused Emacs to start with a smaller window  
> where I got a
> non-fancy splash screen.
> Try starting your Emacs in full-screen mode .e.g. 'emacs -fs'.

That works indeed. That is, I just have to make sure Emacs starts up  
with a sufficient frame height. emacs -g 80x40 is all it takes.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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