ipnat.conf - map and rdr won't work!

Aiza aiza21 at comclark.com
Tue Jul 20 18:16:39 UTC 2010

alexus wrote:
>>  su-3.2# grep ^firewall /etc/rc.conf
>>  firewall_enable="YES"
>>  firewall_type="open"
>>  su-3.2# grep ^ip /etc/rc.conf
>>  ipfilter_enable="YES"
>>  ipmon_enable="YES"
>>  ipnat_enable="YES"
>>  ipnat_flags="-d"
>> This is not good.
>> You are running 2 different firewalls at the same time.
>> comment out
>> firewall_enable="YES"
>> firewall_type="open"
>> and reboot your system.
> do you know that for a fact or you just guessing??
> because first of all it worked before just fine with 2 firewalls
> second i disabled firewall, so firewall is no longer an issue
> third i have another system just like that that runs 2 firewall and
> everything working just fine!
> if you dont know the answer there is no need to throw just any answer
> as its pretty clear that this isn't the right answer
Just because 2 firewalls at same time didn't blow up in your face 
before, sure don't mean they are working correctly. Thats one bad 
assumption to base debugging on.

Jumping in my face, questioning the free advice given, sure makes you 
look foolish. You should read the handbook firewall section before 
opening your month and sticking your foot into it.

People on this list will stop helping if you turn on them and bit the 
hand that feeds you.

And another thing. Network access for a jail is not controlled by the 
hosts firewall. You need to look else where for your jail network access 

If your attitude was not so XXXXXXX, I could have told you the solution, 
but now go learn it the hard way.

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