WindowMaker has stopped working.

s0x7c0 at s0x7c0 at
Thu Jul 15 23:12:20 UTC 2010

I am having some problems with windowmaker. I am running FreeBSD 8.1-PRERELEASE
(STABLE) and I have xorg-7.5 installed.

When I first installed everything I just used startx to start WindowMaker. But
because The fonts suck I had to add truetype fonts and needed xorg.conf. So I
followed the instructions in the handbook to configure X. Everything was going
well and Xorg worked for root and for my normal login. but when I created
.xinitrc, with the following

exec wmaker

and then ran startx. I would just get a black screen with a mouse. Now
everything was working fine before I used the Xorg configuration instructions
and I'd kinda like to get my desktop back. IF there is anywhere I should be
looking for more information please let me know.



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