FreeBSD vs YouTube

paul paul_ at
Wed Jul 14 16:52:44 UTC 2010

I'm pretty new to this mailing list, and FreeBSD, in the last 2 weeks i was trying to use FreeBSD as alternative to Windows, but i can't make the flash videos work on most of the popular flash video sites. I've tried to pkg_add, compile from source, swfdec-plugin, gnash on FreeBSD 7.3 and 8.1 ... but nothing worked, i can use mplayer to play movies so this shouldn't be a problem, when i use swfdec, there are some unhandled event (usually unhandled event 19) and sometimes can't write to a $HOME/.config/filename file, and with gnash i see an error occurred, please try again later message on the site. I've tried googling but most of the articles i found seemed outdated. So finally i came here with the question: Is it possible to watch youtube on a FreeBSD system ? And if it is, someone would be so kind to guide me to a FAQ / Article / wiki / or tell me how to do it ?


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