Sec.Update -p4 and /boot/GENERIC

n dhert ndhertbsd at
Wed Jul 14 12:09:24 UTC 2010

A sec.update (8.0-p4) was released yeterday.
I have a system which
- feb 2010 : first install (with 8.0-RELEASE (using generic kernel))
- 19 feb 2010 : updated to 8.0-RELEASE-p2
- 25 feb 2010 : I made a Custom kernel (enabling disk quota)
   then a /boot/kernel.old was created (the original generic kernel)
   At that time I ought to have renamed /boot/kernel.old
    to /boot/GENERIC but forgot it
- 1 jun 2010 : updated to 8.0-RELEASE-p3
  ( this was an sec.update without changes to kernel files)

The latest sec/update (8.0-RELEASE-p4) was released yesterday
During the night via cron job # freebsd-update fetch was performed
Today, I executed (too hasty..)
# freebsd-update install

Only after that, I remarked that on another system, with a generic
the mail message about the -p4 update mentionned changes to
/boot/kernel/kernel and /boot/kernel.symbols.
Normally, on this system, if I did have a directory /boot/GENERIC,
I would have been warned in the mail , on this system, I guess,
that /boot/GENERIC/kernel and /boot/GENERIC/kernel.symbols were
among the changed files, but didnt get that warning
because I have no /boot/GENERIC directory. Correct ?'

What is the best thing to do now?
I renamed /boot/kernel.old to /boot/GENERIC
and ran
# freebsd-update install
once more, but it just simply says:
No updates are available to install

How can I achieve that /boot/GENERIC/kernel and /boot/GENERIC/kernel.symbols
are replaced by what it should be for 8.0-RELEASE-p4 ?

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