Wacom tablet driver port doesn't seem to work

Chip Camden sterling at camdensoftware.com
Mon Jul 12 16:04:15 UTC 2010

Quoth Chad Perrin on Sunday, 11 July 2010:
> I started working on getting FreeBSD running on a ThinkPad X60 this
> weekend.  My goal was to get everything up to the standards of my T60,
> plus touchscreen and pen support for the Wacom display.  The only problem
> I've encountered so far is the fact that when I tried installing the
> Wacom driver from ports, it did not seem to work as advertised.
> port:
>     /usr/ports/x11-drivers/input-wacom
> result:
>     The driver file will not load and, indeed, does not appear to exist
>     anywhere on the system.
> There are no files with "wacom" in the name and a ".ko" filename
> extension on the system, anywhere, after installing the input-wacom port.
> Is there some other step I'm meant to take?  I've searched all over the
> Web for something relevant, and have found nothing to shed light on the
> situation.  Is the driver file named something more cryptic than what I'm
> trying to find (maybe a driver file that doesn't contain the string
> "wacom" in the name)?
> Any guidance would be appreciated.  The FreeBSD version on the X60 is
> 8.0-RELEASE.
> -- 
> Chad Perrin [ original content licensed OWL: http://owl.apotheon.org ]

Looks like this may be it:


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