Wacom tablet driver port doesn't seem to work

Chad Perrin perrin at apotheon.com
Mon Jul 12 04:40:22 UTC 2010

I started working on getting FreeBSD running on a ThinkPad X60 this
weekend.  My goal was to get everything up to the standards of my T60,
plus touchscreen and pen support for the Wacom display.  The only problem
I've encountered so far is the fact that when I tried installing the
Wacom driver from ports, it did not seem to work as advertised.




    The driver file will not load and, indeed, does not appear to exist
    anywhere on the system.

There are no files with "wacom" in the name and a ".ko" filename
extension on the system, anywhere, after installing the input-wacom port.
Is there some other step I'm meant to take?  I've searched all over the
Web for something relevant, and have found nothing to shed light on the
situation.  Is the driver file named something more cryptic than what I'm
trying to find (maybe a driver file that doesn't contain the string
"wacom" in the name)?

Any guidance would be appreciated.  The FreeBSD version on the X60 is

Chad Perrin [ original content licensed OWL: http://owl.apotheon.org ]
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