Booting FreeBSD from Compact Flash

Graham Bentley admin at
Tue Jul 6 22:04:33 UTC 2010

OK I confess that this is associated with FreeNAS however
it seems rather quiet over there on the support forums and I
know there are some knowledgeable BSD people on this
list who may be willing to help on this ...

Compact Flash: Kingston 4GB 45x Elite Pro [CF/4GB-S]
Target Mainboard: VIA EPIA-V10000
* I D/L'ed FreeNAS-i386-embedded-
* I checksumed it with md5sum for WindowsXPP - it matched
* I used physdiskwrite v0.5.2 to write the image to CF on my desktop PC
* I hoooked up the CF to the target mainboard and booted the kernel
Now this is where things go awry .... I end up at this prompt ;


I can see the Kinston is ID as ad0 a few lines above at ata0-master.
If I enter ? I get a list of boot devices as follows ; ad0c ad0a ad0
If I enter; mountroot> ufs:/dev/ad0a I get a 'panic: no init' message
and a reboot ; no other choice of boot device gives any such result.
CF boots perfectly hooked up to my desktop PC. On Via Mainboard
I have tried switching off all IDE 'modes' to zero etc but still no joy.
I tried using the verbose boot option and notice that following the CF
card being ID'ed I get the following ;

ad0 VIA check1 failed
ad0 Adaptec check1 failed
ad0 LSI (v3) check1 failed
ad0 LSI (v2) check1 failed
ado FreeBSD check1 failed

Would I be right in thinking that its chipset support for this baord is 
preventing access to the root of the OS/FS?

And if it is, is it possible to add module support somehow?

Thanks in advance of any help :)

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