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On 02/07/2010 18:57:11, Polytropon wrote:
>> I don't know where these 'do not mix ports and packages' warnings come 
>> > from, but I suspect it's from people who think that they're different :)

> I think it may have come from PC-BSD, taking into mind their PBI
> system, like "do not mix PBI with ports or packages". :-)

Mostly, I believe, this comes from what tends to happen if you try and
install downloaded packages onto a machine that has previously been
maintained by building ports.  Especially when the downloaded package is
a big lump (hence very attractive to download something precompiled)
with lots of dependencies (Danger, Will Robinson!).

Chances are one or more of the packages already installed are
dependencies of the big lump.  Not only that: they are quite likely to
be more recent versions than what the big lump was compiled against.
This will result in alarm and despondency amongst those less well versed
in the subtle art of beating the ports system into submission.

The really unlucky people will find that they have dependency shlibs
with a more recent ABI version than what the big lump was compiled
against.  In this case, there's nothing for it but to grit the teeth;
gird up the loins; make plenty of hot, strong, black coffee and start



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