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Fri Jul 2 17:47:44 UTC 2010

Hellow Dear:
We company was manufacturing ans sales SMT/AI's spare parts:
More information please 
Business email:smt at
1.SMT splice tape: double/single splice tape:8mm-24mm.
2.SMT printer squeegee holder blade/rubber:DEK MPM MINIMI KME...
3.SMT stencil wiper clera wiper:so DEK MPM KME SANYO JUKI MINAMI
4.SMT copy nozzle serial: all smt machine nozzle.
5.YAMAHA copy feeder: CL8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 44mm 56mm 72mm
6.JUKI copy feeder:AF/CF8*2/8*4mm;FF12/16/24/32/44/56/72mm.
7.JUKI LASER/MOTOR/DRIVER repair:so KE750 KE2010-2080 FX-1...

follow was our warehouse store goods in hotsale...
follow quotation indate in 1 week
CM602/402 FEEDER8MM150800original new
CM602/402 FEEDER12/16MM200600original new
CM602/402 FEEDER24/32MM200750original new
CM602/402 FEEDER44/56MM201200original new
Philips/assembleon double feeder8mm TTF8mm PA2657/00150500original used
Philips/assembleon feeder16mm ITF2 16K7 13-PA2654/255600original new
Philips/assembleon feeder32mm ITF2 32K7 13-PA2654/453950original new
fuji cp7/cp6 feeder8*2mm 0802C200250copy new
fuji cp7/cp6 feeder8*2mm 0802R200250copy new
fuji cp7/cp6 feeder8*4mm 0802C200220copy new
fuji cp7/cp6 feeder8*4mm 0802R200220copy new
fuji CP7 NOZZLE0.7mm50015original new
fuji CP7 NOZZLE1.0mm50015original new
fuji CP7 NOZZLE1.3mm50015original new
fuji cp7 nozzleall size80002copy new
fuji cp6 nozzleall size80002copy new
fuji nxt nozzleH08/12 head all size600030copy new
fuji nxt nozzleH04 head all size500045copy new
fuji nxt nozzleH01 head all size500060copy new
fuji cp7 nozzle shaftAPGPH1300152000original new
fuji qp3 power feeder12mm power15300original used
fuji qp3 power feeder16mm20450original used
fuji qp3 power feeder24mm20600original used
fuji qp3 power feeder32mm15850original used
CM202 FEEDER8*2MM20350original NEW
CM202 FEEDER8*4MM20300original NEW
CM202 FEEDER12*4MM5350original used
CM202 FEEDER12*8MM5350original used
CM202 FEEDER16*8MM5450original used
CM202 FEEDER16*4MM5450original used
CM202 FEEDER16*12MM3450original used
CM202 FEEDER24*12MM3650original used
CM202 FEEDER24*16MM3650original used
CM202 FEEDER24*8MM2650original used
YAMAHA FEEDER CL8*2 0201chip200150copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL8*4 0402chip200130copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL8*4MM200130copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL12MM50250copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL16MM50300copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL24MM50400copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL32MM50600copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL44MM50800copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL56MM30950copy new
YAMAHA FEEDER CL72MM101600copy new
JUKI FEEDERCF8*2 0201chip200200copy new
JUKI FEEDERCF8*2 0402chip200190copy new
JUKI FEEDERCF8*4MM250180copy new
JUKI FEEDERFF12MM50250copy new
JUKI FEEDERFF16MM50300copy new
JUKI FEEDERFF24MM30450copy new
JUKI FEEDERFF32MM30600copy new
JUKI FEEDERFF44MM25800copy new
JUKI FEEDERFF56MM20950copy new
JUKI FEEDERFF72MM101600copy new
JUKI FEEDERAF8*4MM150180copy new
fuji cp6/cp7 valvePCD2413-NB-D24SP50130original new
fuji cp6/cp7 valvePCD245-NB-D2450130original new
fuji cp6/cp7 valveCYLINDER SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B1000130copy new
fji cp6 filtercp6800001copy new
fuji cp7 filtercp7800001copy new
yamaha filteryv100/yg200800000.3copy new
juki filterke750/ke2010-2060800000.3copy new
juki filterke750/ke2070/ke2080800002copy new
panasonic filtercm202800000.6copy new
panasonic filtermv2/msh800000.3copy new
panasonic filtercm602/cm212800000.6copy new
cm402/cm602 nozzle110s 115s 120s 205s50080/40original/copy
kme cm202 nozzle115 110 120 130 20550080/40original/copy
kme cm20 cm301 nozzle1001 1002 1003 1006500150/65original/copy
yamaha yv100 nozzle31 32 33 71a/f 72 73 350030copy new
yamaha yg200 nozzle201 202 203…350040copy new
juki ke750 nozzle101 102 103 105 105350035copy new
juki ke2010-5280 nozzle500 501 503-508350040copy new
sanyo tcm-3000/x200 nozzle81 62 71 51…350020copy new
hitachi nozzleAV01 RV01 VC12 ZA04350050copy new
FUJI CP6 NOZZLE0.1 0.7 1.0 1.3…35002copy new
FUJI CP7/8 NOZZLE0.7 1.0 1.3 1.8…35002copy new
MV2C MV2F MV2VB NOZZLE1.0*0.8 1.0*1.8…350020copy new
MSH2/MSH3 NOZZLE1.0*0.8 1.2*1.8…350030copy new
TEL:+86-756-3899556/3899557; Business Email:smt at, Romeo.Han
all business email:  smt at,TKS!
Best Wishes 
We manufactures SMT AI spare parts & consuming material
Add:202-4-2,Huanping road 323#,Nanping,Zhuhai China.
TEL:+86-756-3899556/3899557;FAX:+86-756-3899006 ext:0 
Email: smt at;  smtsky at
MSN:romeohan888 at Skype:romeo.han
FEDEX express account:271686838.  PC:519060 

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