clarification on polkit upgrade

Chad Perrin perrin at
Thu Jan 28 21:07:21 UTC 2010

In /usr/ports/UPDATING, I see this:

  Due to a recent change in sysutils/policykit, both sysutils/policykit,
  and sysutils/polkit need to be rebuilt, but in a certain order.  First,
  upgrade sysutils/policykit to 0.9_6.  Then, force a rebuild and reinstall
  of sysutils/polkit.  If you do not do this, applications which depend
  on polkitd will fail.

It's a little unclear about the requirement for the polkit upgrade.  Does
this mean that `portupgrade polkit` is enough after upgrading policy kit,
or not?  If not -- what's needed?  Would a deinstall/reinstall be needed?
Is `portupgrade -f` good?

I've already used `portupgrade polkit` here, and I haven't seen any
problems yet, but then I haven't restarted anything that relies on polkit
for a while either.

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