Migrating Thunderbird 3 Email Archives from XP Pro SP3 to FreeBSD 8.0

Randy Woy randy at woy.us
Thu Jan 28 04:05:02 UTC 2010

Programmer In Training wrote:
> I've done some searching on the Thunderbird (TB) website and have posted
> the question at one of their support forums, but I felt I should ask
> here, too, just in case someone else has confronted this.
> I only use POP3 to retrieve email (the merits of POP3 vs IMAP not
> withstanding) and store locally so I have easy and offline access to it.
> For about two years now I've been using XP to retrieve and check my
> email, upgrading through various versions of TB without a problem. Now
> I'm confronted with an issue I've not faced before (or attempted to
> confront).
> Transferring archives from one computer to another. I know where they
> are kept on the XP machine, I /think/ I know where they are kept on my
> FreeBSD box (nothing a little ls -a won't help me find). My question is
> if this even possible since Mozilla Foundation went to using binary
> archives for the email. I think it might be, but I'm not really wanting
> to waste the time to only be frustrated in the end.
> Has anyone attempted such a migration? Did you need any special tools?
> If not, was it as simple as copy/pasting into the appropriate directory
> structure? Or do I need to set up the accounts in TB on my FreeBSD box
> /first/ then copy/paste?
> TIA for reading and especially for helping (if you can)! (:

I made the same migration in the opposite direction.  It's a straight 
copy from one system to the other.  I copied my FreeBSD Thunderbird 
archives to Windows 7 Thunderbird on a dual boot system using a USB 
memory key.

Copy the contents of 
Folders\ to 
/usr/home/<username>/.thunderbird/<aaaaaaaa>.default/Mail/Local Folders/

That's it.



Randy Woy
randy at woy.us
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