Opteron 1212 w/ 4 GB RAM

Iv Ray pobox at verysmall.org
Wed Jan 27 22:05:54 UTC 2010

We are getting a new web server -

Singe Dual Core Opteron 1212 w/ 4 GB RAM

It will have -

2 x 250 GB SATA gmirror RAID 1

We will run -

- Apache 2.x
- PHP 5.x
- PostgreSQL 8.x
- Postfix 2.x

We have a couple of questions-

If we are more interested in stability than in features and performance -

a) Is FreeBSD 8.0 the right for us, or shall we rather go for FreeBSD 7.x?

b) Is i386 or amd64 the right way?



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