named "error sending response: not enough free resources"

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Jan 27 21:21:25 UTC 2010


On Jan 27, 2010, at 1:15 PM, James Smallacombe wrote:
>>> Jan 26 21:50:32 host named[667]: client <IP REMOVED>#57938: error sending response: not enough free resources
>>> Jan 26 21:50:32 host named[667]: client <IP REMOVED>#59830: error sending response: not enough free resources
>> Were these client IPs expected to be talking to this machine?  It
> This server is authoritative for a few hundred domains, so I would imagine anybody doing a query on any of them would need to talk to it...unless I misunderstand what you mean by "talk".

OK, if the nameserver is published / authoritative, then it would be expected to be fielding requests from the Internet at large.

>> indicates a problem sending UDP traffic; netstat -s output would be
> Unfortunately, I did not have time for netstats or tcpdumps when this was happening and I've not seen this log entry since yesterday evening.

Unless you rebooted the machine again since the errors were reported, the netstat output would still be relevant.

>> informative.  You might find that setting options in named.conf to tune the # of outstanding queries will help:
>> clients-per-query 10;
>> max-clients-per-query 20;
> Thanks, I will look into those.  the man page for named.conf doesn't tell you much and my latest cricket book is 3rd edition (only up to BIND 8), so I guess it's time to break down and get the latest.

Good luck....


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