"adduser" and single-user groups

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Wed Jan 27 18:33:34 UTC 2010

On 27/01/10 19.05, John wrote:
> Could someone point me in the direction of enlightenment with regard
> to the value add of the "group per user" approach that adduser
> uses?  Is that a FreeBSD thing, or a *BSD thing, or a unix-like-universe
> thing, or what?

Many systems do this AFAIK.

IIRC, the point is that you can set umask to 007 or 002 and your home 
directory with owner you, and group you will remain private or at least 
only writable by you.

The umasks 007 or 002 are useful if you have some shared folder where 
you have multiple users with write access, say:

drwxrwxr-x root:users /home/share

With umask 002, when files are created in this directory by another user 
in the users group, all users in this group can edit that file, no need 
to modify permissions.

BR, Erik

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