"adduser" and single-user groups

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 18:15:38 UTC 2010

Hi, John

John wrote: 
> Could someone point me in the direction of enlightenment with regard
> to the value add of the "group per user" approach that adduser
> uses?  Is that a FreeBSD thing, or a *BSD thing, or a unix-like-universe
> thing, or what?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking about the default
group to which a user is added upon user creation.  If not, please explain
more on what you are asking.

useradd(8) will automatically add a user to a group, named after the user,
unless otherwise specified.  This is the login group for the user, and the
primary GID used when read/write access to files and directories is
determined.  This, of course, can be overridden with the '-g' flag,
changing the default group, and additionally with '-G' to add to several


Glen Barber

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