sysinstall and the Right Terminal

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Jan 25 15:25:28 UTC 2010

Thomas Dickey writes:
> "Terminal" would probably be one of the programs using VTE,
> which differs from "linux".

	This is all very interesting. Thanks to all. What I
normally do is start a command-line shell on a Debian Linux box.
This defaults to a "linux" console. When I ssh somewhere, ssh
passes the exported $TERM value to the remote host so as I
understand it, it will use this value in the environment that it
exports to any application called from that shell. The question
is whether or not all the escape codes it sends to address the
terminal and all the escape sequences it looks for to represent
arrow keys, etc, will still work. 

	The best results, so far, are with using cons25 as the
TERM value. The Up and Down arrows work right as opposed to going
right straight to X Exit this menu.

	I appreciate all the input because in this game,
knowledge is the power to fix it.

Martin McCormick

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