Serious problems updating Current after switching to libxul.

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Tue Jan 19 08:51:21 UTC 2010

keneasson wrote:

> Can anyone help me get my system back up and running?
> make.conf looks like this:
> WWWDIR = /web/phpmyadmin
> WITH_CUPS="yes"
> #NO_LPR=true
> USE_GECKO=libxul

This is your problem.  You want to say:



> # Begin portconf settings
> # Do not touch these lines
> .if !empty(.CURDIR:M/usr/ports*) && exists(/usr/local/libexec/portconf)
> _PORTCONF!=/usr/local/libexec/portconf
> .for i in ${_PORTCONF:S/|/ /g}
> ${i:S/%/ /g}
> .endfor
> .endif
> # End portconf settings
> # added by use.perl 2009-09-19 16:22:20

In general, you *never* add any USE_FOO flags to /etc/make.conf -- USE_FOO
is designed for use by port maintainers inside the limited scope of 
port-specific Makefiles: the presence of a USE_FOO setting in scope
generally does dramatic things like adding dependencies on whole
software subsystems.  Your 'USE_GECKO' setting in /etc/make.conf (which has
effect in the global scope) has made *every* port on your machine depend on 
gecko related libraries.  It's not really surprising you're experiencing a
bit of brokenness.

Instead, you need a WITH_FOO flag.  WITH_FOO is designed for end users to
tweak the way ports work in detail: they only have any effect in ports that
are specifically written to take notice of them; everything else will just ignore them.  Even so, it's very common to use directory matching login or,
as you have, things like PORTCONF to limit the application of a WITH_FOO
flag to a specific port.  The whole OPTIONS dialogue system is just a
front-end to setting WITH_FOO flags for a specific port.

Note: something that may cause a certain amount of astonishment to neophyte
users.  The opposite of saying:


is not:

WITH_FOO=no   ### Don't do this.


WITHOUT_FOO=yes   ### Do this.

That's because the value of 'WITH_FOO' variables is not actually tested 
anywhere, only whether the variable is defined or not.  Setting 
WITH_FOO=bananas would have exactly the same effect, as, indeed does 
WITH_FOO=no or WITH_FOO=over_my_dead_body



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