Newbie gmirror questions

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Mon Jan 18 22:05:03 UTC 2010

On Sunday 17 January 2010, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> However, one of the really amazingly brilliant things about geom is
> that just about any disk / storage related thing can be a geom
> provider, and geom constructs will nest very happily.  Here's a howto
> for setting up gmirror across a pair of slices:

That's a very interesting article. Since I'll be able to configure the 
mirror on the new drives before installing any software my approach can 
be a bit simpler.

In the example he's using a single partition for the whole disk but 
reduces the size if the partition by one block so that the mirror's 
meta data doesn't get misinterpreted as whole disk meta data. Since I 
anticipate using only the first 2 partitions for a couple of mirrors 
and using the rest of the disk as plain partitions then I don't think I 
need to do this but might it still be a good idea to reduce the last 
partition by one block anyway in case my usage changes in the future?

Mike Clarke

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