geli problem (???)

Dominik Ernst dernst at
Fri Jan 15 22:30:46 UTC 2010

On Fri, 15 Jan 2010 12:18:57 +0200
Angelin Lalev <lalev.angelin at> wrote:

> I have Intel DG45ID + Core2 machine with USB keyboard and I want to
> use geom_eli to encrypt my entire freebsd partition.
> My FreeBSD version is freebsd 8.0p2, my Drive is SATA and I have USB
> keyboard and mouse. I intend to boot via USB flash disk and attach the
> partition at boot.
> Everything works as described in the documentation, except for a nasty
> problem. When I try to attach my encrypted partition at boot, it seems
> that my enter key on the keyboard gets stuck and keep sending LF to my
> console continuously. The keyboard and the key though are 100% ok
> (tested on windows).
> I'm not getting this problem when I use geli to attach the partition
> after boot, only at boot time (geom_eli_load=YES in loader.conf).
> I'm not quite sure that the problem isn't the USB keyboard itself or
> to be more exactly the USB support for that keyboard. For example when
> I go to "mountroot" prompt (screwed fstab) I can't type a thing.
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I had the same symptoms with a USB keyboard and the geli prompt.
However it seems to be fixed in 8.0-STABLE. If you didnt compile your
own world/kernel try running freebsd-update. Otherwise or if that didnt
help try building kernel and/or world from the stable sources. 
As a workaround it helped for me using either a PS/2 keyboard or a


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