How to overwrite openssl base with the one from ports?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Fri Jan 15 09:35:57 UTC 2010

Andrei Brezan wrote:
> Hello list,
> I seem to have some problems overwriting openssl base. I have tried
> building security/openssl with OPENSSL_OVERWRITE_BASE=YES but to no success.
> After i run:
> make OPENSSL_OVERWRITE_BASE=YES install clean
> i get the port installed in /usr/local/bin and lib ok, but i'm left with
> openssl in /usr/bin and lib too. Do i have to make
> buildworld/installworld with NO_OPENSSL in /etc/make.conf in order not
> to have openssl from base and then install it from port ?

There's no such option as 'OPENSSL_OVERWRITE_BASE' in a current ports
tree[*].  There is only


which means link any ports against the version of the OpenSSL libs
installed by the base system, or


which means link any ports against the version of OpenSSL installed
from ports.  Applications that use SSL in the base system are always
linked against the base system version of OpenSSL, and the ports system
will throw an exception if you say 'WITH_OPENSSL_PORTS' but the ABI
version number of the shlibs in the base system is greater than the ones
from the ports.  So defining WITHOUT_OPENSSL in /etc/src.conf[+] is not
advisable either. 



[*] Despite its appearance in the mail/dkim-milter and mail/dk-milter
ports.  That's a bug.  It won't do anything.

[+] Assuming you're running 7.x or later.

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