port-MESS with apache22 update

PJ af.gourmet at videotron.ca
Sat Jan 9 20:16:44 UTC 2010

On 1/9/2010 11:41 AM, PJ wrote:
> On 1/9/2010 4:34 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> PJ wrote:
>>> Upgraded to 8.0 without problem.
>>> Reinstalling ports was tedious... but NP for most part.
>>> Sommehow the installation of apache22 stumbled over some configuration
>>> issues, I think....
>>> I found that apache was running ok, except...
>>> php5 module was not correctly installed...
>> mod_php5 isn't built by default when you install php5.  This catches
>> out a very large number of people, and it is particularly astonishing
>> as integrating php into apache is probably the number one reason for
>> installing php.
>> Sounds like you may need to do this:
>>    # cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
>>    # make config
>>    [ Make sure the option for 'Build Apache Module' is checked ]
>>    # portupgrade -f lang/php5
>>      -or-
>>    # portmaster --force-config -f lang/php5
>> It might also be necessary to rebuild all of the php5 modules -- plus
>> any pecl- modules.  At the cost of reinstalling pear- modules and PHP
>> apps (which should be fairly cheap, as the port installation process for
>> that sort of port consists almost entirely of copying files into place)
>> you can just do this:
>>    # portupgrade -fr lang/php5
>>    -or-
>>    # portmaster -fr lang/php5
>> Also double check httpd.conf once PHP5 is installed with mod_php5 --
>> the port will automatically add a line to
>> ${PREFIX}/etc/apache22/httpd.conf
>> to cause apache to load the module, which should look like this:
>> LoadModule php5_module        libexec/apache22/libphp5.so
>> As I recall, PHP5 creates that line as shown, which should work straight
>> away, but some modules add a commented out LoadModule line, so it would
>> be a good idea to eliminate that as a potential problem.
>>     Cheers,
>>     Matthew
> Basically, I have done all that except using the -f parameter.
> In effect, php5 is trying to add the mod_php5 module, only it is getting
> the directory name as apache2 and not apache22 and is thus creating
> apache2 directories... from what I could find in the Makefile or
> somewhere I don't recall, this directory comes from some PATH type
> thingy... $LD_LIBRARY_PATH but I don't know or could not find the source
> of this.
> PJ
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So, I delted everything from /usr/ports/ except /distfiles, did csup -L
2 ports-supfile and reinstalled php5 and apache22... now it works...
there is some confusion here as my httpd.conf file is set for/usr/local
as document root.
Now, apache seems to have created a data folder under that root - only
the document root has always been set to /usr/local/www/apache22/data ....
now who went and changed at that again... was it really necessary?
I don't understand this kind of mucking about...
in 7.2 and previous releases this never changed... now, all of a sudden,
it's different!
Now, when accessing apache either remotely or from localhost, the first
file is sought at /usr/local/data even when the virtual host is set to

Is there an explanation for this? My settings are identical on all my
installations of 7.2 and the new 8.0, yet the results are different.


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