Replacing disks in a ZFS pool

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed Jan 6 23:42:38 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

I've got a 7.2 system with four 500GB drives, originally built thusly:

# zpool history
History for 'storage':
2008-07-11.23:15:40 zpool create storage raidz ad4 ad5 ad6 ad7

I just bought four 1.5TB drives, in which I want to use to replace the

Also, I've been loosely following some of the GPT threads, and I like
the idea of using this type of label instead of the disk names themselves.

How should I proceed? I'm assuming something like this:

- add the new 1.5TB drives into the existing, running system
- GPT label them
- use 'zpool replace' to replace one drive at a time, allowing the pool
to rebuild after each drive is replaced
- once all four drives are complete, shut down the system, remove the
four original drives, and connect the four new ones where the old ones were

My understanding is, is that once the new labels are in place, I don't
have to worry about the fact that the device name has been changed (eg
ad8 to ad4), the system doesn't care anymore about that. Is this correct?

Any other advice/tips that those experienced can share with me?


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