OOo stuff [acroread too]

Gary Kline kline at
Wed Jan 6 22:41:42 UTC 2010


	I edit a lot of my daughter essays for punct, and to tweak a
	few things, &c.  Normally i check my fixes my having flite read back
	to me after I have saved her doc files as txt.  Since i installed
	the OOo spellchecker I have found a couple other interesting plugins 
	or extensions.  One is a text-to-speech plugin.  I can't be sure if
	it is truly OS independent or if the Linux version would work on
	the FBSD version.  Anybody know?  There were at least a few other
	plugin thing that might be worth a go... .

	I've used acroread for years, especially when they are long and
	dreary essays.  Does the speech part of this reader work, and if
	so, what is the magic?   I keep getting lost in click-land!

	thanks for any clues, guys,


 Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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