Setup FTP service on FreeBSD 2.0.5?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Jan 6 15:36:45 UTC 2010

Matthew Seaman writes:

>  [*] The Beeb was still using that modem-handshaking sound clip as
>  an aural clue that the subject of an item was 'computers' even up
>  to a year or so ago.

	Which may be anachronistic, but is both audibly and
conceptually distinct.  Quickly - what's the sound of an OC3, or a
web page loading?
	(I spent 1996 (I think) doing QA for a company building a
remote access product.  Got to the point I could name each phase of
the modem handshake, and stood a good chance of being able to
identify the speed and encryption method.)

				Robert Huff

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