Setup FTP service on FreeBSD 2.0.5?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Jan 6 13:36:45 UTC 2010

Robert Huff wrote:
> Hello:
>>  The thing concerns me is exact the question you asked in the
>>  first place: Does FreeBSD 2.0.5 even have any support for
>>  wireless networking devices?  Because I cannot find any reference
>>  it. I am wondering if anyone in this mailing list has a answer to
>>  this question. And I am just curious to see how people made
>>  wireless network back in 1990s.
> 	I believe the answer would be "No.".  The first mention I can
> find of wireless adapters in the release notes is for 3.3, in late
> 1998.

Wireless networking in the mid-90's would have been a very new thing,
at least as a consumer item.  It's about then that the very first mobile
phones came out -- those were as big a brick and had about an hour's battery

Much of the computing world was running 10baseT thin-wire ethernet, and
although 100baseT Cat5 kit was available, it was pretty expensive.  The
WWW had only just become popular -- it was around '93  that it started to
make the big-time.  Most home connectivity was via acoustically coupled
modems running at 96Kbaud if you were lucky. 48Kbaud probably more common[*].
Oh, and 8 MB RAM or 1 GB Hard disk was considered quite big...



[*] The Beeb was still using that modem-handshaking sound clip as an aural
clue that the subject of an item was 'computers' even up to a year or so

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