ad0s1a expected rawoffset 0, found 63 / after upgrade to FreeBSD-8.0

Hanno Krusken lr101fc at
Wed Jan 6 13:01:27 UTC 2010

after upgrading FreeBSD-7.1-releng-p9 to Freebsd-8.0-releng-p1 from source, I get a boot ERROR !

build world and the lot went OK, 1st boot and installworld as well, after "mergemaster" process and
the following reboot I get this boot message and get stuck:

LOADING /boot/defaults/loader.conf
error: stack overflow
error: stack overflow
error: stack overflow
can't load 'kernel'

(manual boot works but I get this errors:)
OK boot
GEOM: ad0: partition 1 dose not start on a track boundary
ad0s1a expected rawoffset 0, found 63

well as far I asked "google".... there is no good answer to work around that regarding a upgrade
from FreeBSD-7.1 to FreeBSD-8.0... actually I get the same error by upgrading to FBSD-7.2 as well by

my /boot/defaults/loader.conf is the one coming with FreeBSD-8.0-releng-p1 and is unchanged !

after the "error: stack overflow" I can "boot-s" and "boot" in to the system, but my "GELI /swap"
partition is not found or used........ but the hidden drive is working after manual boot ?!

there is something going on with GEOM....... (the disk was new and was formatted while installing
FreeBSD-5.4-releng years ago).. since than any FreeBSD-5.x, 6.x, 7.0+7.1 installed from source with
out any problems.

my /etc/fstab:
/dev/ad0s1b.bde	none		swap	sw		0	0
/dev/ad0s1a		/		ufs	rw		1	1
/dev/ad0s1f		/home	ufs	rw		2	2
/dev/ad0s1e		/usr		ufs	rw		2	2
/dev/ad0s1d		/var		ufs	rw		2	2
/dev/acd0		/cdrom	cd9660	ro,noauto	0	0

hidden drive working well after manual boot !

my /boot/loader.conf:

kernel contains:
options		GEOM_PART_BSD		# GUID Partition Tables.
options		GEOM_PART_GPT		# GUID Partition Tables.
options		GEOM_PART_MBR		# GUID Partition Tables.
options		GEOM_BSD		# BSD "encrypting Filesystem" support
options		GEOM_BDE		# BDE "encrypting Filesystem" support
options		GEOM_ELI		# ELI "encrypting Filesystem" support
options		GEOM_LABEL		# Provides labelization
options		GEOM_MBR		# MBR "encrypting Filesystem" support

the funny thing is, that if I put a faulty "currdev" string in to loader.conf, that I only get a
error regarding syntax error for currdev and the normal boot process is starting the right
kernel... well with some other errors than.... but is booting automatically.

need help to get FreeBSD-8.0-releng-p1 up and running as normal.......

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