sendmail: open-relay

Peter Ulrich Kruppa ulrich at
Mon Jan 4 15:26:00 UTC 2010

Something doesn't add up here -- the log shows the message being
> processed
> by SpamAssassin, but there was no indication in the sendmail 
.mc file
> you
> showed us of any integration with a spam filter.  I'd expect 
some sort
> of
> milter configuration.
spamassassin came with evolution (Gnome's Mailer), I never 
configured anything for that.

> Unfortunately as well, the log line showing the delivery result 
> is
> usually
> one of the ones *following* the line showing the external MTA 
> handing
> off the message to you.  Try grepping for the sendmail queue 
> IDs:
>    o04BQi0O008964
>    o04BWBOA010672
>    o04CSb9P056503
>    o04CZkfq058137
>    etc.
> The lines that say 'dsn=<something>' are the important bits. 
> If
> <something>
> is 2.0.0 (ie. successful delivery) then you've got a real 
> The result
> should be 5.x.y (ie. permanent failure) and a snotty message 
> about
> 'relaying denied'.
> No, sorry,

_I_ cannot find anything suspicious; everything listed there 
seems to be mails I really sent or received.

I tried which Jerry suggested, no problem.
Perhaps this really is a problem with .

But anyway: Many thanks to you both.
I wouldn't like to be the one person who sends all the 
"enhancement" mails.


> 	Matthew
> btw. you need to update your SpamAssassin rules -- you're 
> on the FH_DATE_PAST_20XX test all the time, which will give you 
> false
> positives.

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