Virtualbox and bridged interface.

Patrick Lamaiziere patfbsd at
Fri Jan 1 23:22:43 UTC 2010

Hi, Happy new year.

(FreeBSD 8/i386 - latest test version of VB)

Is there someone able to make VirtualBox working with a bridged

I've got :
My gateway/access point on 
The host on via wifi (wlan0)
The guest on bridged with wlan0

From the guest I can ping the host without problem and vice versa. But
the guest is not able to reach my gateway.

With Wireshark listening on wlan0, I can see that the guest is doing
some ARP requests to get the mac address of the gateway. But there is no

No firewall, net.inet.ip_forwarding=1 (not sure if this is mandatory)

Any idea?

Thanks! Regards.

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