Question about Jails

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at
Sat Feb 27 22:15:48 UTC 2010


Graeme Dargie wrote: 
> Hello List,
> I understand this is possible but cant seem to find any how to`s or
> guides out on the net, I would like to set up a jail running FreeBSD 8.0
> i386 on a system that is running FreeBSD 8.0 amd64. I know this may
> sound somewhat odd but I have a program that I need to run that just
> will not compile under amd64.

You want to set the TARGET for buildworld, which will create
/usr/obj/i386.  Use TARGET again for installworld to install from that obj

  make TARGET=i386 buildworld
  make TARGET=i386 DESTDIR=/usr/jails/myi386jail installworld


Glen Barber

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