Question about Jails

Tim Judd tajudd at
Sat Feb 27 22:01:24 UTC 2010

On 2/27/10, Gökşin Akdeniz <goksin.akdeniz at> wrote:
>> I understand this is possible but cant seem to find any how to`s or
>> guides out on the net, I would like to set up a jail running FreeBSD 8.0
>> i386 on a system that is running FreeBSD 8.0 amd64.
> JAILS requires host and client systems source code in sync. So that makes it
> impossible to run a jail -i386- on -AMD64- host. You can only build a i386
> jail if and only if the host is i386.

Won't the lib32 subsystem allow the i386 jail to work with an amd64
host?  Or have I misunderstood the lib32 subsystem completely?  I have
no amd64 systems to work with, as I have only i386 at home.

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