OOo.3.20 vs OOo.3.11

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Fri Feb 26 05:47:08 UTC 2010

In the last episode (Feb 25), Gary Kline said:
> I d'loaded and built the latest Version of OOo on my new dual core server,
> then scp'd it over, stuck it in /usr/local , and tried to install the
> 3.2.0 version with pkg_add.  (I tried other things too, note, zip.
> The following is an ls -lt of /usr/local with the output of the failed
> pkg_add.  Any idea what I'm doing to cause this fatal blunder?
> gary
> root at tao:/usr/local# pkg_add -v
> Requested space: 582M bytes, free space: 1109M bytes in /var/tmp/instmp.eXPq2W
> pkg_add: package '' or its older version already installed
> pkg_add: 1 package addition(s) failed
> root at tao:/usr/local#                                                         

"package '' or its older version already installed"

Try uninstalling any previous versions of openoffice.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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