about incoming and outgoing trafficc

Yavuz Maşlak yavuz.maslak at netiletisim.net
Wed Feb 24 23:05:10 UTC 2010

I have 2 lines to reach to the internet.

I use 2 gateway. one of 2 gateway is a freebsd7.2 gateway.

I activated pf on freebsd7.2.

I have a fileserver which has a real ip.
the fileserver's default gateway is other gateway server.
When a traffic comes from internet via freebsd gateway towards the 
fileserver,  if I try to upload a file which has about 10Mbyte from a remote 
pc to the file server,  file transfer performance will be very bad. if I try 
to download a file from the file server, the file transfer performance will 
be very well. it is no problem.
Or if I disable pf,  the problem 's gone and upload/download transfer speed 
is very well.

Or incoming and outgoing trafficc via my pf server ,  there is no problem.

How can I correct  this problem ?

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