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Jurif kkiller at
Fri Feb 19 08:23:00 UTC 2010

 Yes you're right, i change *TERM=xterm-color* to *TERM=cons25* now it works
like charm


On 18 February 2010 10:27, Matthew Seaman
<m.seaman at>wrote:

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> On 18/02/2010 07:56, Jurif wrote:
> > I have some problems with console (freebsd 7.2). When i press up arrow
> > keyboard button to repeat previous command (history) and try to edit this
> > line can't because overwrite text... Also have issue with text editor
> like
> > emacs when type or press enter "25E" string apear again and again
> >
> > All this things doesn't happen if i connect to box via SSH (pseudo
> > terminal). In pseudo terminal all works perfect.
> Sounds like you've got the wrong terminal type when logged in on the
> console.  By default, the console uses 'cons25' although this is
> frequently modified to a cons25-variant to support locales other than
> US-ASCII.  Look at /etc/ttys to see what terminal type you should be
> using.  Look at $TERM (and maybe $TERMCAP) in your environment to see
> what you actually are using.
> Unless you override the settings from your shell initialization files,
> your login session will pick up the setting from ttys(5)
> automatically.  Generally this works fine when logged in through a
> directly attached console,but can screw up if logged in via some
> console emulators or over a serial link.  Most such expect a vt100
> family terminal type, or a clone of that, particularly some variant of
> xterm nowadays.
> If for some reason you can't get everything to agree on what the
> terminal type should be, one trick is to run screen(1) or tmux(1),
> which will give you an xterm type for your session.
> If you really need the console to use xterm rather than cons25, then
> you can setup a kernel config file and build a new kernel  kernel to
> enable that.  This however is a last resort, and is hardly ever
> necessary.
> The difference you get when logging in via SSH is that it is the local
> terminal type on the system you're logging in from that gets used.
> Again, this should be handled automatically, and so long as /etc/termcap
> has a suitable entry, things will just work.
>        Cheers,
>        Matthew
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