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On 18/02/2010 07:56, Jurif wrote:

> I have some problems with console (freebsd 7.2). When i press up arrow
> keyboard button to repeat previous command (history) and try to edit this
> line can't because overwrite text... Also have issue with text editor like
> emacs when type or press enter "25E" string apear again and again
> All this things doesn't happen if i connect to box via SSH (pseudo
> terminal). In pseudo terminal all works perfect.

Sounds like you've got the wrong terminal type when logged in on the
console.  By default, the console uses 'cons25' although this is
frequently modified to a cons25-variant to support locales other than
US-ASCII.  Look at /etc/ttys to see what terminal type you should be
using.  Look at $TERM (and maybe $TERMCAP) in your environment to see
what you actually are using.

Unless you override the settings from your shell initialization files,
your login session will pick up the setting from ttys(5)
automatically.  Generally this works fine when logged in through a
directly attached console,but can screw up if logged in via some
console emulators or over a serial link.  Most such expect a vt100
family terminal type, or a clone of that, particularly some variant of
xterm nowadays.

If for some reason you can't get everything to agree on what the
terminal type should be, one trick is to run screen(1) or tmux(1),
which will give you an xterm type for your session.

If you really need the console to use xterm rather than cons25, then
you can setup a kernel config file and build a new kernel  kernel to
enable that.  This however is a last resort, and is hardly ever

The difference you get when logging in via SSH is that it is the local
terminal type on the system you're logging in from that gets used.
Again, this should be handled automatically, and so long as /etc/termcap
has a suitable entry, things will just work.



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