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Sun Feb 14 17:14:51 UTC 2010

Derek Funk wrote:
>On 2/13/2010 5:31 AM, Erik Norgaard wrote:
>> On 13/02/10 04:08, Derek Funk wrote:
>>> I am trying to find how to install a custom kernel at installation. I
>>> have found an option in sysinstall to select a kernel. How do I add my
>>> own to the options so I can select it?
>> I think the standard procedure is to install the generic kernel at
>> installation then install your custom kernel afterwards. You should
>> always keep the generic kernel to fall back on in case of any problems.
>> BR, Erik
>My kernel is basiclly is the generic kernel just with some added options
>and removed devices i don't have. I have built and installed many times
>after installation. I play around with this machine a lot and just want
>to be able to have my kernel installed at installation.

If it's just one machine, and you are building the custom kernel on
it, why not just use:

make kernel KERNCONF=<insert the name of your kernel config file here>

as described in /usr/src/UPDATING?  Why use sysinstall at all?

If you are building custom release media, or using a custom network
install, then you can modify sysinstall with scripts, as described in
sysinstall(8), release(7), ch.3 and 5 of

, the sample install.cfg file, and

Or you can take an alternative approach that doesn't use sysinstall, as in:


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