Exchanging encrypted data between FreeBSD und Windows

Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Sun Feb 14 14:57:57 UTC 2010

Mellow greetings!

There is this thingy that I'd like to do. :-) Basicly plugging a
USB-stick (or other portable storage device) into a Windows-box, putting
data on it and unloading the data again onto my FreeBSD-box. Sometime
the data will have to travel in the other direction too.

As long as the information on the stick isn't encrypted, that is pretty
trivial - most operating systems can read and write NTFS, all can read
and write FAT(32). But if I want to encrypt the information in case I
lose whatever the data is stored upon, I run into trouble. Truecrypt,
which is widely used unter Windows and Linux doesn't really work under
any BSD. Same goes for Free-OTFE.

Is there actually any way to do this? Does any software exist that runs
unter both Windows and FreeBSD or is there a software for FreeBSD that
can read and write volumes of another software that works unter Windows?
I mean on the fly encryption, not something like OpenPGP for single
files or the like.


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