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A good idea would be to use pfsense 
It is an excellent firewall based on FreeBSD, freely available here http://www.pfsense.org/ 

Then you can choose whatever you want as a VPN solution… You would have an optimized kernel (for firewalling) a simple interface to do all related install. 
A dedicated community with lots of network guru… 

I would tend to use IPSec rather that L2TP or PPTP because It is more secure. 
A good solution would also be OpenVPN (but surely not for the Iphone). 

You would also find some pointers to configuration guide. 

Good luck. 

Le 7 févr. 2010 à 12:31, Dánielisz László a écrit :

> Hi, 
> I'm looking forward how to connect from my iphone to my FreeBSD server using VPN, do you have any suggestions?
> Should I use, L2TP, PPTP or IPSec? Do you have any experience with it?
> Some details: my iphone always gets a new ip address from my GSM provider when I connect to the internet, my FreeBSD server connects to the internet using PPPoE connection with static IP and I want to reach it through the internet.
> Thank you!
> László

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