Screen saver hangs: can't retrieve user sessions

Scott Bennett bennett at
Sun Feb 7 11:40:52 UTC 2010

     On Sun, 7 Feb 2010 03:39:57 +0000 dhaneshk k <dhaneshkk at>
>I am facing a  serious issue,  
> when my notebook(IBM Lenova T60+ FreeBSD-7.2+gnome2 ) goes idle screen saver enabled and  when I hit enter it  asks user password and I am able to logged in .   
>but yesterday  on wards  when  machine goes idle  screen saver appears  but when I hit any key it not giving the password screen, just  hangs  in the screen saver image  and pressing any key no matter.
>I want to press hold the powerbutton   and  power off the machine all the time.  ( it cause damage to system ?).
>how can I fix the  hang of screen saver ? 
>I am attaching the   var/log/messages  and  Xorg log files..
     The radeon driver and/or microcode still has bugs that lead to GPU
crashes.  One or more of the xscreensaver modules can trigger a crash.  Once
the GPU is dead, you may still be able to do something about it.  For example,
I have sometimes been able to type in a "shutdown -r now" and have it work,
but only if either an xterm is currently the window in focus or I can move
the cursor to a place I remember has an xterm and then clicking on it to get
the focus to that xterm.  Unfortunately, the ctl-backspace method doesn't help
because even if the X server quits, there is still no display of the console
because the GPU is halted/looping/whatever.  A full reboot appears to be
necessary to reset and restart the GPU.  It would indeed be good to have an
easy way to recover without rebooting, e.g., using the F11 or F12 key as a
way to run some command that could reinitialize the GPU.

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