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Tue Feb 9 17:15:28 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 08, 2010, D?nielisz L?szl? wrote:

>i also choose poptop and pptp but i'm still getting errors while
>connecting, would you be so kind to send me some configuration files?

The attached configuration files, options.pptpd and pptpd.conf
are the ones I'm using.  note that the paths for various files
and executables may look a bit strange as these are built in an
OpenPKG portable packagement system package based in /csrel26.
There are pretty vanilla with only the localip and remoteip set
to addresses on our internal LAN.  The options.pptpd file
requests modules which are probably Linux specific and will
require changes for freebsd.

The chap-secrets file goes in /etc/ppp or wherever the system
expects to find it.  There are more sophisticated ways to handle
this, but for small systems, I like KISS.  One line per client
login with their login name and password.

I have forgotten most of what I once knew about PPP configuration
when we were setting up regional ISPs with lots of dialup
connections (and we used Bay/Nortel Annex servers which handled
most of this with their own configurations).

We use OpenVPN for most of our VPN connections which I find much
easier to handle.

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