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Dánielisz László laszlo_danielisz at
Tue Feb 9 06:54:57 UTC 2010

i also choose poptop and pptp but i'm still getting errors while connecting, would you be so kind to send me some configuration files?


On 2010.02.09., at 4:40, Bill Campbell <freebsd at> wrote:

On Mon, Feb 08, 2010, Yavuz Ma?lak wrote:
I use freebsd7.2

I have an iphone. I wish to establish a vpn connection between the iphone 
and my freebsd server as client to server.
What sort of softwares shall I use for it ?

I just went through this for Linux/iPhone last week.

The easiest for the iPhone is probably PPTP.  One *nix side of
this is poptop.  I don't know what's required on freebsd.

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