Wireless Access Point

Bill Tillman btillman99 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 7 11:21:47 UTC 2010

Thanks to everyone for the great advice. For clarity on this I erased all the other previous messages.
The bottome line is I got it to work. It was a problem with my NATD setup on the server inside the LAN which is running as AP for the wireless computers in my house. It's all working grea. And like some of you pointed out I was natd_interface-ing to the wrong interface. That's all fixed now but there are a few bigs which I don't know can be worked out.
The extisting wireless D-Link router has been trouble free since I installed it and we routinely acheive download speeds on the wireless machines in excess of 100KB/s. It's also very fast to assign IP's and it just seems to work every time. So why replace it you ask...because I'm a stupid hack who just can't stop experimenting with FreeBSD servers. And I do want to use this new AP server to replace my old file server which is running DHCP for the segment and is running Samba and aloowing wireless people who visit my house to store and share files. The whole thing works great as it is but the old FreeBSD server is old and needs to go and the D-Link router is well just needs to go.
Now the problem is that the new AP server while the CPU us very fast and I have two massive 2 TB drives in it, is not up to snuff on the wireless AP. It can take forever to get an IP address and most of the time I only end up with limited connection. The worst thig though is that even when I do make s soild connection with this AP the download speed is horrendously slow. Last night I began downloading the ISO-DVD1 image of the 8.0 source from freebsd.org and the max speed I got was only 39KB/s which means the download would have taken almost 10 hours. On the other hand I resetup with the D-Link router and the download was only going to take 90 minutes for the same file.
Guess I'm not out of the woods on this one yet. But again thanks to all who replied and offered the helpful advice.


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