how to control upload data in bittorrent clients

dhaneshk k dhaneshkk at
Sat Feb 6 21:44:52 UTC 2010

   I am using  transmission-daemon and tr
ansmission web  for  accessing bittorrent sites. 

I have a slow connection,   the problem is that 

1)  in the transmission web   it showing  downloading is 10  kbps to 30 kbps    but uploading  it shows  50 to 92 kbps 
my question is  is it possible to  limit the uploading data rate , how can I do this ?

2)  When ever transmission  daemon running and downloading  files,  I can't  access any other sites, it waiting for long and getting message sever not found ...  When I stop transmission daemon  then  other sites accessible.  
why its happening ?  any hints to fix it ?


any help most welcome.


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