why update...

ajtiM lumiwa at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 21:43:27 UTC 2010

...if is doesn't work???

It is not the first time and I think the last too but I have a question 

The problem is jpeg 8.0 which need to update many ports. It is not a problem 
if works. But if doesn't which is my case that is a problem. As I sent a 
previous mails about problem to rebuilt qt33 and arts (not just me) and the 
problem became a BIG problem because many other applications don't work. Why 
all of this rush for update a port in this case jpeg which IMO is not so 
important (BTW Linux world use K3b for KDE 4 more than six months without 
problem, we don't) and update for QT33 doen't works??? Is it QT33 less 
important as jpeg 8.0. As a user of FreeBSD I expected that when update is in 
the port that is safe to use this port. But looks like that I am wrong.


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