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Clayton Scott Kern ckern1 at
Fri Feb 5 17:03:32 UTC 2010

on 01-29-2010, Matt Emmerton wrote:

.... snipped ....

> >I would like to get away from sendmail or any other MTA for that matter, 
> >but
> >never found solution for handling the emails generated by the system.
> Check out DragonFlyBSD's dma(1).  It's designed just for this purpose.
> --
> Matt Emmerton 

This looks very interesting and right now I'm using it instead of msmtp
for my outgoing mail.

My setup is:

getmail -> maildrop/mailfilter -> mutt -> dma

I'm uncertain how to use dma for system mail messages, ex cron output.
dma's docs say that it doesn't listen on port 25.  

I had found a web site that showed how to replace sendmail with dma, but
can't find it again.  Forgot what words I searched on.

Scott Kern

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