Haiti Need Fund's Earth Quake Victims

Haiti Earth Quake Victims funds at hopeforhaitichildren.org
Fri Feb 5 15:50:09 UTC 2010

[Feb 05 '10]      Haiti Need Fund's Earth Quake Victims

 The Prosthetics Outreach Foundation (POF) shares the world's deep concern for the people of Haiti. The recent earthquake has robbed hundreds if not thousands of children and adults of their limbs. Emergency amputations add to this sad statistic daily.

 Currently, the focus of the international community is on emergency response: saving lives and providing urgently needed orthopedic surgery. This is rightly so. In the coming weeks, the focus will begin shifting to reconstruction. POF has established a Sp ecial Fund to help Haitian amputees receive prosthetic services.

 POF is well-qualified to help Haiti rebuild its capacity to meet the needs of amputees. In its Haiti response, POF is applying over 20 years experience helping over 20,000 amputees in the developing world regain and retain mobility.

 To help restore sustained mobility to earthquake victims, POF is organizing a prosthetic assistance effort in Haiti based on the following principles:

 POF will work in partnership with qualified in-country organizations. This will ensure reliable, efficient service delivery as well as accountability for assistance funds provided.
 We need enough fund's to carry on the situation here in Haiti,to whom it may concern try and email us soon...

 POF is immediately focusing on restoring Haitian prosthetic service capabilities as rapidly as possible. This may include assistance with rebuilding prosthetic service centers and purchasing essential prosthetic fabrication equipment or prosthetic materia ls and components.

 When Haitian prosthetic services are restored to a functional level, POF will fund the local fabrication and delivery of custom-made prostheses.

 if God touches your heart and you can help either Christian,Muslim all over the world please do it because children of Haiti is in too much pains some are dieing No drinking water,No Qualified doctors here,No food and UNN and British Gov are still not  work ing on it and we still need Money.We are not asking you to give out what you don't have please give anything your heart ask you to okay??fill free to Email us back to know how much you want to send down here,God bless as you safe people's life in Haiti Earth Quake Victims.Almost one thousand children lost there love ones.
 Thank you for helping to restore mobility and independence to Haitian children and adult amputees.

 To make a Fund deductible donation to the Haiti Prosthetics Fund, please fill free Email us back soon,to direct you on how to make the payment.We have provide Bank Account from Usa,united kingdom and other countries.We also welcome western Union transfer. if it touches tour heart to help kindly reply as soon as possible so k Details will be sent to you.God bless as you help the poor.



Email: hopeofhaitichildren at gmail.com

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