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I'm currently considering switching my Backend (Running WSS2008
Enterprise) to FreeBSD RELENG_8+zfs, however my last melee with ZFS and
backups to Autoloader (HP 1/8 G2 LTO-3 job) didn't quite turn out in my

Seems FreeBSD has a decent backup solution for UFS/2 (dump/restore) but
such luxuries where nowhere to be found for ZFS (but the performance was
quite good!).

So, my question is this: Can someone point me to the proper place to
start reading on getting RELENG_8+zfs backed up to "tape robotics" (or
more specifically: LTO-3 with a HP autoloader)? Will going the
Opensolaris route be easier? (I had hoped to be able to use net/istgt/
from ports, but I guess I could find a different solution to that
problem in Solaris).

Any pointers would really help me here. The storage backend will be on
MFI arrays (set up with redundant striping + automagic weekly
consistency checks of the arrays).


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