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Leslie Jensen leslie at eskk.nu
Fri Dec 31 13:05:05 UTC 2010

On 2010-12-31 05:09, Polytropon wrote:
> On Fri, 31 Dec 2010 11:39:45 +0800, xinyou yan<yxy.716 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Help:  I installed 8.2 today ,
>> I think  I have forgot  installed boot loader manager .
>> When I was finished  and reboot . The system just has bsd loader
>> I  can  use F2 load windows previous
>> Any one who know how to load linux also help  . (I have a  linux in system
>> the loader was installed on its /boot not mbr
>> )
>> So how can i do now!
> According to your description, you want to boot into one
> out of three systems (FreeBSD, a Linux, a "Windows"). In
> this case, you should be able to run the Linux distribution
> you have from a live file system CD or DVD and restore its
> boot manager, LILO or GRUB. This boot manager should then
> deal with the OS selection for boot.
> Of course, you can also "restart" the FreeBSD installation
> and choose its boot manager to be installed. I think you
> should be able to do this through the running FreeBSD
> system, maybe using the sysinstall program. The FreeBSD
> boot manager would then show the operating systems' names
> in its choice list.
> As I am not a "multi-booter", I'm not fully sure if this
> will work as intended. Usually I do just install FreeBSD's
> loader as there is nothing else to load. :-)
I would suggest you use a Live CD (Partition Magic) and set the Windows 
partition active. You will then boot into Windows and I would then 
recommend that you install the EasyBCD bootloader and ad your BSD 
installation to it.


You can find instructions in bsdmag on how to set it up.




And choose

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